Call us on (0408) 291 498

Call us on (0408) 291 498


Only tried and proven machinery is accepted into the range of brands we offer. These are made to top European and US standards, including extensive manufacturers’ warranties.
All lines are available for sale or rental (except consumables – ie washing powder). A limited range of 2nd-hand machinery is available for sale – please enquire for specific details. We also supply coin-operated machines for placement in guest laundries where ownership is retained by us and income shared.

Rentals Sales

We supply the following products:

  • commercial washers - coin and non-coin commercial equipment with a capacity of 8-8.5 kgs (dry weight) of wash items, both top-loading and front-loading machines
  • commercial dryers - coin and non-coin commercial equipment to match above wash loads in gas (natural or LPG) or electrically heated models
  • commercial dishwashers - heavy-use, high temp dishwashers for a range of industrial applications (Miele brand)
  • soap dispensing units - coin-operated dispensing machines for standard 2-wash packets of laundry powder
  • laundry powder - high-grade, environmentally friendly wash powder to suit the above dispensing machines
  • washer-extractors - industrial, high speed washing equipment with capacity of 10 -120 kgs (dry weight of wash items), front-loading only
  • industrial dryers - gas (natural or LPG) or electrically heated models with capacity to handle all wash loads from above washer-extractors
  • ironing equipment - suitable for commercial and industrial applications (low to high throughput) with both gas and electrically heated models
  • shower timers - coin-operated, Australian-designed equipment to manage water usage in caravan parks, camping grounds, backpacker accommodation and similar